Tutorial - Step by Step

5. Output

After clicking Finish, WS4E will generate JNLP files along with library files. Now, refresh the sample project, you may notice that new directories and files have been created:

Remember that we specify the HREF of JNLP file as: http://webstart.sourceforge.net/addressbook/addressbook.jnlp. The output has been arranged to simplify your job to deploy it to the web server - Simply copy the directory addressbook to your web server webstart.sourceforge.net.

You may also notice that a launch HTML file named test.html has been created for you. Now, open the test.html with your favorite web browser.

WS4E automatically generated a copy of JNLP file enabling you to test your application with java web start before putting it to the web server. Click the second link to try it. Note: You must have Java Web Start installed.