Tutorial - Step by Step

4. Specify Program Settings

After clicking Next, you will be forwarded to the program settings page. You need to configure your program here.

4.1 Specify the Main Class to Launch Your Application

Simply fill the Main-class field with your main class to launch your application. For our sample project, it is: org.eclipse.swt.examples.addressbook.AddressBook (In future, main class search function will be added to make it furthur easier). Optionally, you can add arguments by clicking the Add button.

4.2 Output directory

You can specify the output directory - where all files/directories will be generated. The default is your project home directory. We use the default for the sample project.

4.3 Security Settings

In order to enable the Address Book to save and load data (i.e., access files freely), we need the user to grant all-permissions to our application. To do this, simply select the checkbox all-permissions as shown in above illustration. You have to select sign jars too, because according to Java Web Start Sepc., all jars shipped with application to be granted for permissions must be signed.

If you have default .keystore under your home directory, it will be filled in Keystore field. If it does not exist, WS4E trys to provide you a sample keystore (located at: [ECLIPSE_INSTALL_DIR]/net.sourceforge.webstart*/keystore/webstart.keystore) with alias webstart and password webstart. In this case, you do not have to do more work on keystore. Of course, you can browse your own keystore and specify the alias along with password.


Press Finish now.