Tutorial - Step by Step

2. Fill up Basic Information

After clicking Next, you will be forwarded to this dialog:

In this page, you need provide basic information about the application to be deployed.

You may notice some fields have been filled for you - WS4E does this by guessing correct values or loading saved settings.

Blank compulsory fields are highlighted and error message is displayed at the top panel.

Tip: Move your mouse to a field to see the tooltip for more information.


Since we will deploy this application to http://webstart.sourceforge.net/addressbook/ and the file name of JNLP will be addressbook.jnlp, we fill up the Href field with the value: http://webstart.sourceforge.net/addressbook/addressbook.jnlp

Specify the Nature of your program - in our case, it is an application. WS4E supports all four natures of program deployment.

Change the Title to SWT Address Book;

Select an icon for the application, by clicking the browse button. If you downloaded the sample project, you can select the fill addressbook.jpg under root directory of the project: . . . . \AddressBook\addressbook.jpg

Provides a default description: A simple address book

We allow the end user to run the application offline by selecting the offline-allowed checkbox.

Press Next to continue.